Good press from great musicians

I have done many projects with Dave Weber at Airtime Studio. I am very particular about the rooms I work in and the engineers I work with. Airtime is now the preferred studio for my projects from tracking to mixing.
— Gary Katz - Producer (Steely Dan)

"In this world of disappearing studios, Airtime is a hidden jewel. Tucked away in the rural, real world beauty of Indiana, it allows the creative process to take place without interruption, or distraction. Dave is a talented and detailed engineer/producer who knows his rooms and equipment intimately, and is always finding new and creative ways to maximize them. He is old school enough to be able to understand the building blocks of recording live organic music, but new school enough to know how to manipulate the audio as much, or as little, as you want. Do yourself a time you want to record good music, use Dave Weber and Airtime Studios."

Steve Lunt- A&R, Composer, Arranger, Producer (Straight No Chaser, Britney Spears, The Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC)


"Your awesome recording of Chase (Coy) has made mixing this record really easy. Thanks.
Michael Brauer - Grammy-Winning Mixing Engineer


"I have found Airtime Studios in Bloomington, Indiana to be the most professional sounding and trouble free studio I have ever worked in. Dave Weber is a master sound technician! No matter what kind of instrument or music you are recording, he can get high quality sounds FAST, and he knows and operates his equipment perfectly. One of the most impressive qualities that Dave possess is his musicianship. He has great ears! Not only for sound, but he knows when something is a little out of tune, out of time, and you can trust his judgment! Working with Dave Weber is like collaborating with a great artist. Your project will turn out beyond your expectations. Mine did!"
N. Scott Robinson - Percussionist


"Most likely I can't say enough about it. It seems amazing, looking back that i could write a bunch of songs in the middle of the pacific, fly to Indiana, cut and mix a dozen of them in a matter a days and still have time to drink too many beers and play some pool. that was only possible because of you and your abilities. You put together the musicians (what a great crew), had killer creative ideas, engineered flawlessly and even put an amazing flute track on "homecoming". when I was back in Maui and wanted to add cello to a couple of tracks... not a problem. when I put that cd today the vibe that we captured in those fast, few and blurry days is still there, it's a good vibe and that, to me, is what making records is all about.
Eric Helmkamp - Maui Hawaii


"I highly recommend Airtime. It’s one of my favorite places to work. The main room is one of the nicest that I have seen anywhere; it has a great natural sound, and easy sightlines between all the booths and the control room. They have a beautiful grand piano, a Wurlitzer, and a Hammond organ. It’s out in the country where it’s peaceful and quiet. While you are playing you can look out the window and see birds and trees. Dave Weber is an excellent engineer and his production ideas are an asset to any project.
Jason Wilber- Songwriter/Guitarist (John Prine)



"Airtime Studios provided a professional, comfortable atmosphere for creating and recording. The space has a warmth and spirit to it that feels like art in the making. The facility itself had a nice assortment of audio equipment, instruments, amps a beautiful Yamaha piano, B-3 organ and Wurlitzer piano. David Weber's talents as a musician, engineer and producer have contributed greatly to the sound, feel and audio quality of several of my nationally released recordings.
Carrie Newcomer - Grammy Award-Winning Songwriter


"I’ve done seven projects at Airtime over the past 5 years and I have been astounded by the quality, competency, efficiency, and friendliness of this studio. Dave Weber is a master of listening, editing, and helping groups sound and play their best. I have seen him fix equipment and solve last minute logistical problems on the spot that would shut down most studios. Amid this huge technical understanding, Dave is literate in a vast array of musical styles, and his understanding of pitch and rhythm in different idioms is unusually astute. Dave recorded our old-time string band’s CD, The Monks, Let Us Play, and it was awarded top old-time recording of the year (2000) by County Records, the largest distributor in the world of bluegrass and old-time music. 
Sam Bartlett


"Airtime studios became my second home for quite a while, and I loved every minute of it. Not only is Dave Weber a great engineer/producer, but he built a studio (with his own two hands) that is comparable in sound quality to many studios twice the size and cost. Airtime Studios is quickly becoming one of the best all around studios in the Midwest. And to top it off, Dave is one hell of a nice human-being and deserves your business!!"
Pete Wilhoit- Drummer (Fiction Plane)


"Dave Weber is the best. he has helped straight no chaser, as well as an independent effort of two of the group's senior members, immensely in all areas...productivity, innovation, creativity, taking risks...the list goes on and on. Dave’s very easy to work with...a source of creative energies that, when tapped, brings forth the challenge to consistently one-up oneself artistically. he is definitely the best asset our group has ever had...far beyond the competition when it comes to the quality of his work, as well as the professionalism and dependability he exudes in his efforts. Dave is always one for trying new ideas in the studio...not only does this make the client's work sound one notch higher than "the mainstream," but it also creates a fun atmosphere conducive to making some great music! consistently offers credible and constructive criticism that can provide fresh perspectives in the songwriting process, allowing artist and engineer to work off of one another effectively, bettering and benefiting both sides of the project subsequently in the long-run. 
Ryan Alwart - Director Straight No Chaser acapella group, Mitchell Street Band


When I was a kid I thought an engineer was a guy who drove a train. I have never thought of Dave Weber as an engineer. But he is. The best I’ve ever worked with. He makes ideas happen quicker than anyone I know. You might say he’s an engineer of the train of thought.
— Malcolm Dalglish

"Airtime Studios has been an amazing facility that I've depended on many times throughout my career. Dave Weber is an exceptionally gifted engineer with the utmost regard for his clients. I recommend him highly to anyone looking to record music no matter how small or large their budget."
Jorge Hernandez
SR VP A&R 2KSounds / EMI

"When I was a kid I thought an engineer was a guy who drove a train. I have never thought of Dave Weber as an engineer. But he is. The best I’ve ever worked with. He makes ideas happen quicker than anyone I know. You might say he’s an engineer of the train of thought. He instinctively hops on board a mere glimmer of a notion and gets it to stand alone for viewing. He’s a musician, a producer, a highflying trapeze catcher, a clown and an ace mechanic- I mean the guy has a brain in the tip of each digit. If there’s a tech, or gear problem his hands seem to procure solutions effortlessly both in and out of the box. His people skills are just as agile at keeping sessions with diverse personalities on track. When a session becomes a three-ring circus he can run it. Yes, he has been a professional ring-master too. Above all he is the most generous “can-do” person I know. He lives for the music. I’ve heard the best work of many vastly different musicians come out of his studio. 
Malcolm Dalglish


"Dave Weber and Airtime Studios is my number one choice for recording. Every recording experience I've had with Dave has been one of musicality, warmth and the utmost professionalism. Dave is a dexterous and sensitive engineer, and an excellent producer and co-producer. Airtime Studios is an environment that is the perfect balance for efficiency and creativity - and a highly flexible and sophisticated space.
Moira Smiley