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Producer/Engineer David Weber

Producer/Engineer David Weber

A graduate of the IU Jacobs School of Music Recording Arts program, David Weber has been Recording and producing music since first encountering a four track cassette recorder in the early eighties. As a musician first and foremost, he  understands very well the need for a relaxed and effortless environment for the process of creating music. Everything about his building of the studio is designed to enhance the experience for the artists.

Joining him are two talented producer/engineers, who are also accomplished, multi-instrumentalist musicians/composers in their own right, Chip Reardin, and IU Jacobs School audio engineering graduate, Chris Alexeev. Chip and Chris work both in the studio and remotely.

In addition, we welcome guest engineers, and offer competitive rates for studio, housing and equipment rental!

House Producer/Engineer  Chip Rearden

House Producer/Engineer Chip Rearden

Engineer  Chris Alexeev

Engineer Chris Alexeev